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Smarter Commerce | August 28, 2014

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Monthly Archives: August 2011

2011 Holiday Readiness (Part 3) – A different picture emerges for the UK. . .

August 30, 2011 |

IBM recently published an online retail readiness report for the UK similar to the one for the US. While there is just as big of a push at the end of the year with big promotional days like Mega Monday …

e-Commerce Strategies: When B2B and B2C Collide

August 29, 2011 | | 6 Comments

This just in… B2B buyers are demanding rich online experiences, more real-time information, the ability to share knowledge with fellow buyers and the chance to make faster decisions.  This new playing field has many businesses looking to toss aside their outdated B2B approach in favor of proven techniques from the world of B2C e-commerce – and that requires a whole new, or smarter, approach to commerce.

Smarter Commerce promises to transform the speed in which businesses can manage and adapt their buy, market, sell, and service processes and, in the end, generate greater customer loyalty, revenue and agility. To embrace this new approach to commerce, B2B companies need to align their commerce processes to put the customer at the center by enhancing their: Read More

When It’s Time to “Hit The Books” Cengage Uses Smarter Commerce to Turn Digital Texts Into the Best Target

August 25, 2011 | | 3 Comments

Year after year, college students are aghast at the paltry price they are offered when they go to sell back their books at the end of a quarter or semester. Cengage Learning uses IBM Smarter Commerce to present a pleasant alternative for both these higher education students as well as in the K-12 range through digital learning materials that replace print-on-paper with a variety of online formats and an assortment of delivery options.

“State, local and federal governments are all cutting back on funding and the pricing issue has always been there,” says Charles Qian, director of e-Commerce Systems for Cengage, about the cost of text books and other learning materials. “Offering digital and alternative selling models such as rental textbooks is our way to say to our customers, ‘Hey… we’re hearing you.’” Read More

Is your m-Commerce Strategy Ready for the Empowered Consumer?

August 18, 2011 |

m-commerceToday’s empowered consumer is using web-enabled mobile phones to drive new levels of interaction with retailers. In this new mobile world, consumers want freedom, specifically the freedom to shop when and where they choose while receiving a consistent, relevant and timely interaction with their favorite brands, regardless of the channel they decide to use.

The coming of age of mobile commerce (m-Commerce) has retailers turning to Smarter Commerce approaches to deliver the interactions customers seek. Smarter Commerce enables retailers to more effectively manage their value chain – including the buy, market, sell and service processes – to put the customer at the center and maximize brand intimacy. To be successful, however, retailers must first understand the customers and their mobile preferences. To get started, they should consider the following questions: Read More

Don’t be that guy! Falling for this one could be embarassing!

August 15, 2011 |

I’ve been doing this job for a long time, and even so sometimes I get a scam mail that makes me hesitate for a moment. I got one of those this morning, addressed to an Operations catch-all address. The subject …

Get her to the church on time … with everything she needs, simply, quickly and affordably

August 10, 2011 | | 3 Comments

Summer means wedding planning, and any soon-to-be bride knows this is no small task. David’s Bridal knows it too. A leading e-Commerce retailer specializing in online marketing and sales of “everything wedding” – from dresses to invitations to those all-important reception keepsakes, David’s has used IBM’s Smarter Commerce and analytics capabilities to make sure the only crying takes place at the wedding itself, never in preparation for it.

Smarter commerce starts with better understanding the customer, and that’s where analytics come in. “The more we know about the bride, the more we can help her,” said Jerry Baklychi Director, Interactive Technology for David’s Bridal Corporation, “When we upgraded our Website, traffic increased 20 percent, and with the additional page visits, we were able to use analytics to better understand what our customers were looking for and finding most valuable. This enabled us to better provide them more what they want and need through the improved Website.” That’s smarter commerce benefits for both David’s Bridal and its customers. Read More