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Smarter Commerce | February 2, 2015

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Supply Chain Visibility – Smarter Commerce, the Perfect Order and You

Supply chain disruptions have serious consequences. However, many companies continue to rely on manually-intensive processes to collect supply chain data from disparate systems and multiple trading partners, compiling it into spreadsheets.  Even in the best case scenario, today’s complex supply chains create too much data for manual processes to absorb. This causes a lack of real-time visibility into supply chain events as well as an inability to detect and resolve exceptions in a timely manner.

In this new era, manufacturers need to conduct smarter commerce by adapting sourcing and procurement of goods and services based on customer demand and reduce supply chain risks.  Virtually the only way to move perfect orders through complex and inherently imperfect supply chains is by gaining control over supply chain events as they happen. To do this, companies need to gain an end-to-end view of the order lifecycle across the supply chain and the ability to quickly identify and resolve problems in real-time.

“The better data you have, the better decisions you can make.  Having end to end visibility allows us to pick and choose the high priority alerts and then drill down into the cause of the alert,” says Greg Linder, Director of Supply Chain Operations at True Value.  With the help of a service-based visibility solution, the retailer was able to increase perfect order performance, realizing a 57% reduction in lead times, a 10% increase in fill rates, and an 85% reduction in back orders.

Results like these are not uncommon when companies gain real-time visibility to supply chain events, together with a system of role-based alerts. Consider: How many more perfect orders could you deliver if there were no blind spots in your supply chain? How much could you save if your procurement, supply chain, transportation, warehouse, and finance managers didn’t have to chase down order status but could depend on a system that would notify them only when problems occurred that required their attention?  Take a closer look at these possibilities in this white paper, Why Supply Chain Visibility is Critical to Achieve the Perfect Order, that looks at how supply chain visibility works, what it takes to put it in place, and its ultimate impact on perfect order performance.

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