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Smarter Commerce | March 4, 2015

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Customer Experience Top Of Mind At Mobile World Congress

Chris Shaw at MWC13It is nearing the end of day two here at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest communications conference in Barcelona, Spain, and a theme is starting to take hold – Customer Experience. It has become clear, however, in my first ten or so meetings with customers and analysts covering the communications space that customer experience is in the eye of the beholder.

So what does ‘customer experience’ mean in telecommunications? Is it making sure that a call center representative answers a call for support with a knowledgeable and helpful response that takes into consideration the customer’s history? Is it notifying the customer that a situation of sub-par performance has been detected and therefore they are being compensated with additional services or reduced cost without even asking? Is it making an offer to the customer in their preferred channel of communication on a subject that they are passionate about based upon insight derived from the customer’s own network history and public social media sentiments? Or perhaps it is an easy an intuitive digital experience purchasing or changing services through their preferred PC or mobile device via the Internet?

The short answer is yes. They are all examples of ways in which communications providers can address each customer’s unique requirements for superior service.  Ultimately, when I meet with communications service providers (CSPs) or analysts our discussions in the past two days have all come back to the same topic – how can CSPs put their customer at the center of all they do in a manner that increases customer retention, is not exorbitantly costly and moves the customer toward becoming an advocate of their brand?

These are exactly the kinds of challenges that IBM is meeting head on with its new Personalized Customer Engagement solutions driven by Smarter Commerce, and the demonstrations we are displaying here at Mobile World Congress. Whether a CSP needs deeper insight into their own internal network or the external social media world to better understand their customers or a comprehensive platform for cross-channel campaign management or even insight into delivering e-commerce offers directly into the social channel, IBM is demonstrating here at Mobile World Congress just how easy it is to begin putting the customer at the center of all they do.

That is what customer experience is all about.


  1. Let’s not forget the value IBM Tealeaf can add here in ensuring customer’s receive an ouststanding experience across all their digital interactions with telco providers.

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