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Smarter Commerce | April 24, 2014

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Getting Personal: How to Use Data to Speak to Your Customers

April 3, 2014 |

Following is a guest post by Emma Tzeng, Content Marketing Manager at Gigya.

Four score and seven years ago, in a marketing landscape unbeknownst to today’s practitioners, mass marketing techniques were the be-all and end-all. If you didn’t …

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Shine When ‘Moments Matter’ – See How At Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

March 3, 2014 |

On my return flight from IBM Pulse 2014 (IBM’s premier cloud conference) while watching the clouds pass and browsing shopping sites on my tablet to buy a raincoat I’ll need for an upcoming trip, I was again reminded how cloud-based …

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Content And Commerce: A Thwarted Romance?

February 5, 2014 |

Following is a guest post by Doug Heise, Global Director of Product Marketing, CoreMedia.

The traditional approach to building online shops and brand experiences can no longer scale to meet the demands of a new breed of empowered …

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4 (More) Tips to Optimize Your Customer’s Experience via Product Detail Pages – Part 3

January 31, 2014 |

This is the third and final article in this series covering functionality and customer service tips for your product detail page. If you’d like, you can review parts One and Two, which ran earlier this week.

Customer Contact Options

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Customer’s Experience Via Product Detail Pages – Part 2

January 29, 2014 |

Continuing from Monday’s post (Part 1), today in Part 2 we’ll cover more functionality and customer service options to optimize the customer’s experience via your product detail page.

Delivery & Collection

State free delivery and free returns; these

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Customer’s Experience Via Product Detail Pages – Part 1

January 27, 2014 | | 2 Comments

This is the first of 3 daily articles covering optimization tips for the product detail page.

If one business can make browsing and purchasing products quick and hassle-free over a competitor, whether online or offline, they are sure to gain

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This Is The House That Video Built

January 27, 2014 |

Following is a guest post by Keith Blankenship, Director of Strategic Alliances, Invodo.

Let’s face it, if you’re selling online, you’re fighting an uphill battle in an increasingly competitive space. Consumers are looking for convenience, a good value, …

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Social Commerce Is For Early-Stage Shoppers Too

January 21, 2014 |

Following is a guest post by John Mattingly, Industry Solutions Director, Pluck.

Social Commerce does not begin and end on your product detail page

Product reviews have demonstrated value. They give shoppers confidence in their product choices, and they …

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Building The Brand Relationship

January 7, 2014 |

Mention the word “brand” to any retailer, and you’ll get their attention immediately. Every successful retailer knows that “brand” is something that is very difficult to build and very easy to destroy. And, they know it’s an essential component in …

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10 Critical ECommerce Lessons Learned: Avoiding Lost Revenue/Customers

December 31, 2013 |

I regularly talk about the Smarter Commerce practice of delivering a positive brand experience to deepen the brand relationship and strengthen loyalty. But, I recently encountered the antithesis of that while making an online purchase. And, it brought to life …

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