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Smarter Commerce | August 21, 2014

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It’s About Time! How to Deliver Personalized Emails At The Most Opportune Moment

September 26, 2013 |

We included some really exciting enhancements to our Digital Marketing Optimization solutions in our most recent release this year. But the one that excites my clients and me the most (so far!) is the ability to send hourly marketing campaigns

How Data and Automation are Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

January 29, 2013 |

Move to the next level of email marketing with advice and insight from a panel of industry experts!

Join us for this sixty minute webinar as experts from Cleargoals, Silverpop, StrongMail and IBM show you how to move beyond stand-alone …

Building Brand Equity with Social Media

December 20, 2012 |

Guest post by Errol Denger, an IBM Smarter Commerce Leader.

We are hearing marketers say,’ I don’t care how many Facebook fans I have if they aren’t buying our products?’  While it is highly unlikely that consumers make purchasing decisions …

The Cyber Divide

December 11, 2012 |

This holiday season consumers confirmed their willingness to break away from the traditions of football and food with friends and family to shop in-store or online. With the proliferation of stores opening Thanksgiving night, consumers checked out early from holiday …

The Death of Last-Click Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

December 4, 2012 |

I am an avid hiker. On a crisp fall weekend, I like nothing more than stuffing my backpack with some essentials and venturing out for a few days into the Smoky Mountains with Abby, my trusty German Shepherd companion. As …

DKIM 512 bit cracked, Gmail Policy Changes, And The Implications for Email Senders

November 27, 2012 | | One Comment

On Oct 24, published an article detailing how a clever mathematician got an email from a headhunter at Google, took it as a challenge, cracked the 512 bit DKIM key that Google sent the mail with, and wrote them …

The Evolution Of The Desktop Email Client

July 10, 2012 |

I read recently that development on Mozilla’s Thunderbird desktop email client will stop. Learning this left me with mixed emotions: on the one hand I’m happy to see more and more people moving their operations into the cloud, it validates the direction and power of SaaS applications and services. On the other hand I like healthy competition and think everyone wins when there are more players in the market. Well the good news is that Thunderbird isn’t going away, rather it will remain in it’s current, stable format and the further development of features an functionality will be turned over to the community that uses, loves and supports the product. Read More

11 Tips To Uncover Email’s True Reach – Part 2

May 23, 2012 |

11 tips to help ascertain email's true reachIn the first part of this blog I tried to introduce a concept hat I’ve borrwed from social media, specifically Klout: reach. My focus is email marketing so I wanted us to think about email in terms of the channels it crosses and the breadth of people a single email can influence, so I’ve dubbed this email’s true reach.

Opens are a good starting point for understanding email’s true reach but far from a final destination. Sales are another crucial component, but unless you can attribute every sale and perfectly and understand how an email could’ve influenced a transaction in another channel, it too is insufficient. True reach however is more complicated and will require us to source more data than ever before. Read More

Getting At Email’s True Reach – Part 1

May 22, 2012 |

Fresh Ideas For a Tried & True ChannelI read an article recently that got the gears upstairs cranking a little faster than normal. The cobwebs parted and my imagination ran wild as I contemplated email but through a slightly different lens.

In her article on the myth of email opens Margie Clayman (@MargieClayman) postulates that email opens are a slippery slope and that they are as effective as the concept of impressions when analyzing web traffic. More specifically, they are a high water line but does little to illuminate or provide the real behavioral data marketers require to anticipate customer desire while providing unparalleled service.

Read More

Engagement In A Post FTAF World

March 21, 2012 |

In a recent webinar highlighting IBM Enterprise Marketing Management’s Social Features and capabilities a poll was taken to ascertain how many marketers were still using Forward To A Friend (FTAF). Although the results were not ‘shocking’ the metrics did give me pause and allow me to reflect on a murky topic: engagement.

Forward To A Friend Read More