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Smarter Commerce | September 1, 2014

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Return on Relationship™: The New Measure of Success

August 8, 2012 |

Following is a guest post by Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias. You can find more of Ted’s writing at

Social media is quickly becoming a way of life… and a way of business as more and more companies are realizing they need to integrate social media into their marketing strategies.  We can’t, however, expect to do “business as usual” and succeed in building an eager audience around our brands.

If you want to continue to reach your market in this social media age, the marketing focus needs to be on building relationships, and metrics need to expand beyond ROI (Return on Investment) to include ROR: Return on Relationship™.

–Return on Relationship™… simply put the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. ROI is simple $’s and cents. ROR is the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through loyalty, recommendations and sharing.

Most measurements and empowerment stats that are used with regard to relationships (i.e. number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, retweets, site visits, video views, positive ratings and vibrant communities) are not financial assets, but that doesn’t mean they are worthless.  Instead, these are leading indicators that a brand is doing something that is creating value that will be with you for the long term and will drive ROI if developed and used effectively.

So how do you build and strengthen relationships with your audience (as a whole, and as individuals) to increase your ROR? Read More

More Than Just Email – Mail.RU Feedback Loop

July 18, 2012 |

Earlier this week, my friend and colleague, Laura Atkins posted about the availability of a new Feedback Loop provided by, the largest free webmail provider in Russia. Some may ask, why get excited? It’s a Russian ISP. Russian internet properties are commonly derided and the country as a whole is often viewed as being lax on cyber crime. However, is not to be underestimated, the significance of this is a major boon for email marketers and digital marketers of all stripes. Why? Because Russians love their social media! Read More

Pinterest and Five Tips For Positive Engagement

April 13, 2012 |

Pinterest LogoThe title of this post may seem a little strange or awkward, but I assure you, it’ll make sense momentarily. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then I posit here that spammers and agressive marketers are the hallmark of a new web sites’ success. The specific web site I’m referring to is the wildly popular and quickly growing Pinterest. In a nut-shell Pinterest is a website where users can “pin” pages and images that they find on the web; I liken this to a catalogue of visual bookmarks. If each of your bookmarks could be represented by a big beautiful image, and people could comment on the bookmark, and you could upload your own images as bookmarks, well you would’ve invented Pinterest. Read More

Digital Analytics: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

March 15, 2012 |

What’s the deal with digital analytics? Seems like every marketer has an opinion about how to use them (or not to use them). Are they the foundation of your digital marketing programs or an endless stream of overwhelming data?

IBM’s …

Twitter Analytics in Unica NetInsight

April 19, 2010 | | 3 Comments

Today Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities for users of our online marketing solutions. Among these capabilities are Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. And one component of these capabilities is the integration …

Facebook Application and API Analytics in Unica NetInsight

April 19, 2010 |

Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities today. Among these capabilities are Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. Specifically, one of the components of the Solutions Pack released today encompasses analytics for Facebook …

Facebook Fan Page and Tab Analytics in Unica NetInsight

April 19, 2010 |

One of the most exciting developments in web marketing over the past twelve months has been that the website is now considered only one of multiple components of a company’s web presence. Among the many other web presences that companies …

The [Sad] Face of the New Marketer

February 8, 2010 |

It’s rare that I read a press release and think, “Wow—that’s sad.” But that was exactly my reaction Wednesday when I saw the results of our study, “The Face of the New Marketer,” which was conducted by Bloomberg

Social Media Metrics to Fit Your (Secret) Business Goals

December 7, 2009 |

Social media are challenging and humbling. The discussion of how marketers should use them is often clouded by vague recommendations, niche anecdotes, and buzzword mania.

The confusion has also impacted marketing analysts. More than ever they are facing questions of …