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Smarter Commerce | August 30, 2014

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Analytics Strategy For 2014 – Part 1

January 6, 2014 | | 9 Comments

Last year, I posted my take on the digital marketing strategy on the Rackspace blog while leading their digital marketing organization. This post is one of a two-part blog series, which extends the discussion further for 2014 and beyond.

Digital …

Email Marketing – The Ride Is About To Get Bumpier.

March 13, 2012 |

A few years ago, in a different life, I was privileged to work with the folks that first developed reputation engines for spam filtering. I spent 2 years before we rolled it out banging on the drum, warning marketers that Reputation Was Coming And It Would Change Everything. When it did finally arrive, it did change everything, very fast, and most email marketers were left scrambling to adapt or have their email programs fail. For a while, Reputation was enough to stem the tide, but predictably enough, spam evolved and so the spam-fighting systems needed to evolve as well. Enter stage left: Engagement, or how ISPs measure their customer’s interest in the email they get. They measure it any number of ways, some of which are known -including opens, clicks, if mail is moved to or out of the spam folder, if a mailbox is logged into in X amount of time, etc. Of course, there is also the Secret Sauce – ISPs certainly do not reveal more than a fraction of how they do what they do. Read More

The Case for Radical Simplicity in a Complex World

October 19, 2011 |

When did it all get so complicated?  That’s what I asked myself over the weekend as I was thinking about the current state of online marketing.

Think about it: how many times have you, a marketing expert, found yourself shaking  …

Geeks vs Nerds – Or – A Good Analyst is Hard to Find

June 28, 2010 |

At the end of a long day during Unica’s marketing conference in 2008 one of our customers and I were discussing whether it is better to be a nerd or a geek.

Tough question it seemed.

But luckily, in Sept. …

Williams-Sonoma: Why Online Marketing Is Math and How Analytics Powers Profits

April 22, 2010 |

I had the pleasure of spending the evening with John Koryl, SVP, eCommerce Marketing & Analytics, Williams-Sonoma (and by the way, if you haven’t tried Williams-Sonoma’s amazing stuffed pancakes yet, do yourself a favor and order some today. They’re amazing …

Five Ways to Increase Returns from Search Marketing (SEM)

April 15, 2010 |

The team at Online Marketing with RSS Ray kindly invited me to present on BrightTALK yesterday on five ways to increase returns from SEM.

This was a welcome opportunity for me to detail my recommendations for how to optimize

Multichannel Marketing – 2 years later: Direct is becoming highly digital, real-time, in- and outbound (part 2/3)

March 18, 2010 | | One Comment

In part 1 of this series I summarized the crossroads at which digital marketing has arrived in 2010. In this part we will look at the surprising advances that direct marketing has made in the past two years.


Multichannel Marketing – Two years later: Digital is at a Crossroads

March 8, 2010 | | One Comment

In the two years since publishing the Multichannel Metrics book, the face of marketing has changed drastically.

We are entering a critical crossroads in 2010.

By 2013, will we look back and find that this was the year when …

Online-marketing optimization is a team sport!

February 22, 2010 | | 7 Comments

I have to say, I am growing increasingly annoyed with the silo’d nature of the discussion that seems to still be dominating our web analytics industry.

We have been so silo’d that, for example, even something as adjacent to web …

The [Sad] Face of the New Marketer

February 8, 2010 |

It’s rare that I read a press release and think, “Wow—that’s sad.” But that was exactly my reaction Wednesday when I saw the results of our study, “The Face of the New Marketer,” which was conducted by Bloomberg